steven (if_you_see_kay) wrote in bluejackets,

don't call it a comeback

So, I've been really busy, what with two kids and all. But I needed to make time to post today.

You see, the Blue Jackets are one point away from clinching their first playoff berth. Amazing. I really don't see how they can miss out now.

If anyone is going to the Minnesota game on Saturday, we should meet up if possible. My wife and I will be going to RBar before the game.

I still can't believe it.
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I will be at the game! I am going to Japanese Steak House before the game so I might not be able to make the R-Bar. Maybe at one of the intermissions?

I am in Section 205 row N. :D

I'll be at the game with a friend. We'd come to RBar but I'm...Three months away from being old enough to get in. Damn. Hahahh.